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Halloween Date Ideas For You & Your Boo

Halloween Date Ideas For You & Your Boo


When it comes to Halloween, romance doesn’t usually get thrown into the mix. But think about it: a date centred around the spooky, scary and sexy? What’s not to love about it?


Here at OSUGA, we have you covered with a range of fabulous Halloween date night ideas, varying from adorable to freaky, to scary and safe, and even fun ideas for the bedroom to celebrate that wettest-Halloween as a couple! After all, it’s a holiday for a reason.


With ideas galore, you’re bound to find something up your alley for this fun and cosy autumn night . . .


  1. Have a scary story competition.Both you and your boo write a scary story – fill it with ghosts, witches, vampires . . . maybe a little murder. Whatever your heart fancies. Send it out to all your mates and whoever’s gets the best reviews wins, and of course, the loser pays for dinner. Make it more fun by dressing up!


  1. Make homemade scary cookies.Whether you want to turn this into a competition or do this together, it’s up to you. But for this fun little activity, you can make some homemade ‘scary’ cookies. Go nuts with icing, sprinkles and every other decoration. Create some spiderwebs, ghosts and the likes! Who doesn’t like cookies?


  1. Halloween movie marathon!Do we need an explanation for this one? Have a marathon of all your fave horror films – think Hocus, Pocus, Halloween, Scream, Final Destination . . .


  1. Go on a haunting tour.Wherever you live, there are bound to be some scary stories in a certain part of your area right? So find those little haunted spots, clear your night and do some ghost busting! Nothing will get you more excited than a racing heart, sweaty palms and the fear of a ghost going boo.


  1. Go pumpkin picking.Halloween is all about pumpkins, so take a little visit to your local pumpkin patch and pick out your fave pumpkins.


  1. Have a pumpkin carving competition.Leading on from the activity above, with your new pumpkin, have a little competition on who carves the best pumpkin. Complete the activity with some sugared doughnuts, the blood of your enemies (see: red wine, or pomegranate juice), and some great music.


  1. Everything’s coming up pumpkin.Go on a treasure hunt for everything pumpkin – whether it’s candles, air fresheners, or even pumpkin spice lattes, soups and pies, include pumpkin in your day. Rub pumpkin flavoured whipped cream all over each other and lick it off.


  1. Visit haunted houses.Whether you want to do this IRL or virtually, it’s up to you – but there are attractions available everywhere. And nothing beats a good forking session than an adrenaline rush.


  1. Make some caramel apples.Don’t know about you, but caramel apples scream autumn and Halloween to me. Plus, it’s fun and delicious. And some may even say . . . healthy?


  1. Play scary video games in the dark.With the lights turned off, being engrossed in a scary video game is similar to watching a scary film. The jump scares, the screams and the laughter can all help bring you and your partner closer together!


  1. Create a Halloween-themed meal.Why not go all the way and cook a gourmet meal to go with the spooky holiday? Bonus points for anything pumpkin flavoured.


  1. Use your leftover chocolates!Probably better for the day after Halloween, but you can use up all your leftover chocolates to make cakes, brownies, cookies, even ice cream. Oh and melt them for a delicious mug of hot chocolate!

Spooky Sex :

  1. Have a night of sexy role-play.Why not throw on some saucy costumes and have some glorious banging sessions. Vampire and werewolf, anyone? A university lecturer and student? Two colleagues working all night? A firefighter?


  1. Pretend to be zombies.This one’s perfect for the biters. Try pretending to be a zombie and once you’re both bitten, you gotta move slowly and say utter nonsense and jerk your body around. But in a fun and sexy way.


  1. Yell “boo” when you’re about to cum/orgasm.This will really add some adrenaline and excitement to the sex, don’t you think? Or even switch it around and shout boo when your partner’s going to cum!


  1. Get a fog machine.Think hot graveyard sex from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


  1. The art of love.Paint your bodies in two of your favourite shades and have a canvas big enough for the both of you and get down and dirty on it.


  1. Hotter than the underworld.Dress up as an angel and the devil to take the sex to another level of hot! Include red lights.


Sumaiya Ahmed is a lifestyle journalist and writer, aiming to break down the boundaries of cultural stigma and shame attached to mental health and sexuality within the South Asian culture and bring marginalised topics to light.

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