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OSUGA Cuddly Bird Clitoral Sucking Vibrator for Women

OSUGA Cuddly Bird Clitoral Sucking Vibrator for Women

Cuddly Bird? More like Rocket Ship!

I bought this for my wife. Due to medication she takes, she hadn't had an orgasm in 2+ years. That drought ended within about 45 seconds when the bird's sucking (at the lowest setting, no less) found her clit. She almost levitated off the bed. It is fantastic, and I can't wait to try the other settings to see where that takes her. This was a great purchase! Thank you.

Refresh Experience

The effect of this rabbit toy is better than seal one. The sound is much lighter than seal one as well. I love this rabbit one and love osuga. Thanks for bringing me this good use experience. What I would like to suggest is that could osuga have products released with heater function in the future. I will definitely buy it. Thanks.

Just buy it y’all

I’m a girl for over stimulating and this works so well. O’S in no time worth the price. Just be cautious about the sound. With the lowest setting you can’t hear it through a door but the higher ones are slightly noticeable. I’ve used it a few times in the shower and it worked perfectly.

Totally recommend it!!

I bought one for me and after being totally satisfied I bought one for my best friend! Totally recommend it!

Its nice but i dont really like the shape

Vibration and sucking nice but dont like the shape

Overall satisfactory experience

Did not end up keeping the product, but the return and refund process is smooth overall, and the customer supports are nice


Feels super smooth and soft and the power is amazing. Shipping took a week and very discreet.

Very good toy!

The best toy ever! Soft and smooth.

Worth every cent

This is my first toy and it's absolutely the rightest one...tried it for the first time and I had to stop in about 30 seconds because the happiness was so strong that it frightened me. The look is also super cute. I saved for a while to buy this but honestly I'm already considering getting other products here. Definitely recommend

Sound super quit
I love it

Well worth the cost

I absolutely love it and think it is well worth the cost. Cheap vibrators aren't even slightly comparable in my experience! Also the bird shape is adorable.


I had the best orgasms ever with cuddly bird! It's an irreplaceable toy for me and my partner to spice up our sex. Wonderful texture and powerful suction.
It also becomes the best gifts I sent to some of my girlfriends who love it as much as I do!

This was amazing!

This product was an absolutely incredible addition to my sex life, it made masturbation incredibly easy for me as I have had trouble with having orgasms for a while, the OSUGA cuddly bird made it very easy for me to nearly reach orgasm very fast, I'm very satisfied with my purchase, and would 100% recommend to anyone who may have trouble having orgasms as this made it very easy for me. Also, even after I had made my purchase and accidentally ordered it the wrong color, OSUGA still sent me the preferred color I asked for.

Works as it should.

Seems like a nice product so far. Soft material, fits in hand nicely, great quality. Only used a couple of times, but works as it should.


Nothing else to say but mmmmmm! Partner wants to say he loves its effects too!


Welcome to your new best friend!

OSUGA G-Spa Clitoral & G-Spot Sucking Vibrator

Best toy

very good, parner very like it

Cute and Gentle

Very gentle! Perfect 1st time clitoral sucking toy. The colors are so pretty too.

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