Have a Sexual Wellness Journey

  • “My first time using it I was so impressed and blown away. The difference is the sonic vibration, that's why it will be the best toy you ever buy. The feel of the toy is smooth, but easy to hold onto. I am so glad I tried it.”

    Lynne Brosco

  • “I really like the shape; the U aspect lets me rock/move it in directions that feel real good. I LOVE the vibration aspect, it is real quiet but has a decent kick on it at the end of the toy. I would recommend it: 9/10 from me”

    Phat Inferno

  • “This Cuddly Bird fits easy in your hand, it's so soft and smooth. If you press into it, it feels squishy. The performance? well, definitely wow again. The suck function totally blew me away. It took only a couple minutes or so to climax from stimulation, and multiple times.”


  • “I have a lot of toys in my regular rotation. I even tried these type of sucking ones before. This [Cuddly Bird] has all of the features you want in a toy --- easy to clean, good battery life, and a variety of settings. ”

    Darling Nikki


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