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The Naughty List Is More Fun!

The Naughty List Is More Fun!

How To Spice Up Your Bedroom This Christmas 

You may love sex with your partner. Maybe you’ve heard the common saying: “Sex is like pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s good.” That being said, even when you’re relatively satisfied with your sex life, you may daydream of the passionate trysts you shared with your partner in the earlier parts of your relationship. 

“Well, those days are over,” you might think to yourself. You’ve probably heard your married friends warn that sex slows down after a little while. Perhaps you’ll just have to accept your fate - satisfactory but extremely vanilla sex for the rest of your life…

Not so fast! 

While there’s nothing wrong with ordinary sex when you’re enjoying it, when you find yourself wanting more from your sex life, you don’t have to settle for nice when you could be getting naughty. What are some ways to keep your sex life fresh and fun this Christmas? 


Get Out of The Bedroom 

Photo by Brenner Oliveira from Pexels

To spice up your bedroom, get out of it! Especially in long-term relationships, it can be so easy to get into a routine and have sex at the same time, with the same music on in the background, in the same positions, and in the same locations. Spontaneity and novelty play a large role in sexual desire. 

When the newness of intimacy with your partner wears off, maintaining spontaneity should be high on your to-do list in order to avoid sexual boredom.  Sexual boredom or a lack of satisfaction can negatively impact your overall relationship satisfaction so, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Instead of heading to the bedroom or bending over on the couch every time you get intimate, try moving things to the kitchen - hop onto the counter while your partner stands or bend over the table. If you’re really seeking a thrill, why don’t you head outside and get in touch with nature? Better yet, have a sneaky tryst in the car or even in public! Nothing boring here! 


Play Dress-up

Viki_B / 9060 images on Pixabay 

Many enjoy dressing up in a non-sexual context because it gives us the opportunity to take on a new identity, have fun experimenting with fashion and makeup, and express our creativity. The same applies to dressing up to enhance your intimacy! 

Putting on a sexy costume is a great way to boost your confidence which might help you lower your inhibitions. It will certainly be a treat for your partner as well who will appreciate seeing you in a different light. Here’s a suggestion to take your dress-up sessions to the next level. 

Instead of simply putting on a new lingerie set, try using your creativity to transform yourself into a character. This way, you’ll combine dress-up with roleplay, another extremely exciting activity that can spice up your sex life. In light of the holiday season, a night of ‘playing pretend’ while wearing a provocative outfit can be a great gift.


Stimulate The Brain 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

There’s a lot of conversation about foreplay in the physical sense. You’ll often read about the importance of stimulating certain areas manually or orally but the brain is among some of the most powerful sexual organs. 

Effective mental foreplay is built up slowly throughout the day until the tension is finally released during physical intimacy. So, what are some ways you can make sure that you and your partner’s brains are stimulated? 

Many people enjoy talking during sex but if this makes you uncomfortable, try sexting! This is a great option if you and your partner are apart for most of the day. Send a suggestive message during your workday or, if you really want to get naughty, sneak off to the bathroom during your lunch break to take a sexy picture for your partner. There are also many indirect ways of using mental stimulation to enhance your sex life. 

For example, by having thought-provoking conversations and sharing new ideas you might come across in your everyday life, you maintain an intimate connection with your partner which makes it easier for you to share yourself physically with them. 


Incorporate Toys

Many of us enjoy toys when we’re on our own but they are such a great way to enhance intimacy with our partners as well. Toys during sex can mean less pressure on you and your- partner if you’re a person who requires a lot of stimulation to reach climax (like most women). They can also encourage you to explore in bed. How so? 

Well, certain toys, like the Osuga Moonflow are designed to stimulate multiple parts of your body while offering multiple speeds and pulsation modes. They allow you to explore the different types of stimulation you like and where you like it. They might also help you discover new positions. 

From a relationship standpoint, purchasing new toys to add to your collection can be a bonding experience that can deepen your intimacy. Don’t forget to add something naughty to your Christmas list! Sex toys make a great Christmas gift for you and your special someone. 

Photo by Cheweji from Instagram


Try BDSM                              

Perhaps you’ve already experimented with toys, tried sex in different locations, tried provocative costumes, and incorporated mental stimulation into your intimacy. In this case, you’re probably wondering what else you could possibly do to freshen things up in the bedroom. Perhaps it’s time to explore BDSM. 

BDSM stands for bondage, domination, and sado-masochism. It covers an umbrella of sexual activities that include pain play, contact play (spanking), bondage, dominance/ submission, humiliation play, and more. These activities may sound extreme but you can always start slow.  To dip their toes in the water, many people try handcuffs, blindfolds, and naughty sex moves like hairpulling and breath play (choking). 

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

This Christmas, Osuga can help you jumpstart your BDSM education with a special gift set to help you present the best gift of all to your partner. It includes a nipple clamp to kickstart your pain play practice, and a sexy choker to let your partner know you’re theirs. In past Christmases, you may have tried your hardest to stay on Santa’s nice list but remember that the naughty list is much more fun. Happy Holidays! 


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