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Can I Masturbate On My Period?

Can I Masturbate On My Period?

You’ve probably heard that it’s normal for your sex drive to increase during ovulation (the middle of your cycle) but many women also report a high libido during their periods. During the menstrual cycle, your hormones are constantly fluctuating. Hormones, namely estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone are responsible for tons of symptoms throughout your cycle. 

For example, the uncontrollable carb cravings before your period, or feeling more irritable or weepy around a certain time of the month. Hormonal changes are also responsible for the random libido spikes you might notice. If you’re wondering if you can masturbate or have sex to deal with your period horniness, the short answer is yes

Sure, sex and masturbation might be a little different on your period but with a few extra steps and a new level of comfort with your body, you can enjoy just as much, if not more pleasure as you would without your period.

Getting Over The Ick Factor

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

If you’ve ever thought about having period sex or masturbating on your period, you’ve probably considered the mess it would create. If we’re talking about sex, you may have worried that your partner would get grossed out by your period but even when you’re all alone, you might struggle with an ick factor. Many of us, even if we deal with it every single month, are pretty uncomfortable with our menstrual blood. Why exactly is that? 

Well, it’s totally normal for human beings to have an aversion to bodily fluids. Blood raises its own red flags (tee hee) in our brains since it’s interpreted as a sign of danger. In addition, period blood isn't typically fresh which may give it its own particular smell. It may contain clots that add to the mess factor. 

It’s not uncommon to be squeamish about menstrual blood, especially in relation to sex and masturbation. In the media, we often see squeaky clean portrayals of sex where normal bodily fluids don’t make an appearance. Everyone who enjoys sex would benefit from viewing our ‘gross’ bodily excretions as normal consequences of having a good time because that’s exactly what they are.

There are so many normal bodily functions that our patriarchal society has painted as disgusting or unclean. For example, it’s totally normal to have hair on certain parts of your body as a woman yet so many of us feel the need to get rid of it before a dick appointment. 

Likewise, most of us have learned that periods are nasty and shameful. As a result, even though so many women feel even hornier than usual on their periods, there’s a fear of exploring sexual pleasure when menstruation is involved. 

Are there steps you can take while masturbating on your period that will reduce your ick factor? Sure there are! 

Tips and Tricks 

When masturbating on your period, make sure you’re practicing good hygiene just as you would on any other day of your cycle. Wash your hands and toys before and after your pleasure session. If you’re worried about stains, lay down a towel or some old sheets underneath you. 

A great way to try it for the first time is masturbating in the shower using the stream of water from a removable shower head (must-have) or a water-proof sex toy. This can be a fun new activity to try and it eliminates mess altogether.

Apart from satisfying that period horniness that many of us experience, masturbating while you’re menstruating has its own set of benefits that might actually make your period a lot more pleasant than usual. 

Benefits Of Masturbating On Your Period

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

Orgasms, one of the lovely by-products of masturbation, are like medicine for your achy, crampy, cranky menstruating body. How so? 

Well, when you have an orgasm, endorphins are released. Endorphins are feel-good chemicals that can act as stress relievers. They help our tense muscles relax which can alleviate some of your cramps and other aches that show up during menstruation. 

In addition, the contractions that occur when you have an orgasm can help your body expel your uterine lining faster which can mean a shorter period. Who doesn’t want that? If you’re still reluctant to try masturbating while you have your period, consider the best benefit of all.

Masturbating On Your Period Could Feel Better

Photo by Deon Black from Pexels

That’s right. Your period could enhance your sensation during masturbation. As you probably know, one of the secrets to having a great time is lubrication. You probably won’t need any extra lube while you’re on your period as blood acts as a natural lubricant. 

In addition, the extra blood flow to the genitals could be a reason why some women report experiencing more intense sensations while they’re menstruating. You may notice that your clitoris, labia, and vagina are way more sensitive than normal which means there’s lots of fun in store. 

Your period should be a time to focus on self-care. It’s a time to rest, nourish, and pamper yourself in more ways than one. Masturbating can certainly be considered a form of self-care since you’re taking time out of your day to care for your needs and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy this while you’re menstruating.

As long as you practice good hygiene (just as you always would), there are no risks associated with masturbating on your period. If you use toys to masturbate, make sure to choose toys made from medical-grade silicone, a material that doesn’t allow bacteria to grow on its surface. In addition, always wash your hands and your toys before and after using them. 

Remember that there are benefits to masturbating while you have your period that can soothe some of the painful symptoms you might be experiencing such as cramps, migraines, and body aches. Masturbating on your period can also be super fun because of the increased blood flow to your genital area which intensifies your sensations. 

With help from Osuga’s versatile line of water-proof, silicone toys, you can enjoy worry-free self-pleasure all month long.

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